Building Blocks Tool

Planning Tool

What It Is

The research-based Building Blocks Framework breaks down solutions to pressing problems into actionable elements that lead to a more equitable education system. The ten Building Blocks are essential to achieve high-quality, equitable teaching and learning, in any context.

How it works

Each Building Block contains 10 Elements – manageable steps that lead toward equitable outcomes. Leaders consider guiding questions through an asset-and-gap reflection process to identify action steps. Resources related to each Element are specifically curated to deepen knowledge and provide examples of high-quality, innovative approaches.

Asset-and-Gap Reflection Process

Build on assets and analyze gaps to arrive at concrete, actionable next steps.

Curated Resources & Peer Examples

Explore resources from education thought leaders, experts and trusted sources as well as curated examples from districts and schools.

Strategic Planning Management

Save notes and bookmark resources to organize your planning process and monitor progress over time.

Introduction To The Building Blocks